Terms & Conditions

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dwell Dongdaemun – Booking Terms and Conditions

You are required to sign the Accommodation Agreement and pay the security deposit amount within 3 days to secure your room booking when a room offer is sent to you.

Your room will not be held for you until a security deposit is paid after signing of the accommodation agreement.

The bank account details for the funds transfer will be emailed to you once you have successfully signed an Accommodation Agreement.

Before or upon check in, you are required to pay minimum monthly rental.

Rents must be paid (two weeks in advance) on a monthly basis for monthly payment plan.

dwell Dongdaemun rates are subject to change and will be confirmed at point of offer.

The OWNER reserves the right to select RESIDENT to reject the lease application.

Security deposit is due no later than 7th day (required approval by dwell in advance) after the signing of the Accommodation Agreement. If you don’t meet the payment deadline may result in your Room Offer being cancelled and you no longer have a booking with dwell Dongdaemun.

숙박업소 계약서 서명 후 늦어도 7일 이내에 보증금이 지불되어야 한다. 만약 귀하가 지불 기한을 맞추지 못하면, 귀하의 객실 제공은 취소되고, 드웰 동대문은 더 이상 귀하의 예약을 보유하지 않을 수 있다.

OWNER allocates RESIDENT suitable room subject to preference and availability, after payment of security deposit and upon check-in.

OWNER는 보증금 지급 후 체크인 시 귀하의 선호도 및 객실 가용성에 따라 RESIDENT에게 적절한 방을 할당한다.

Accommodation Agreement shall be completed before or on moving-in day, and the RESIDENT shall pay the minimum rent.
숙박 약정은 최소한 입주일 전 또는 입주일에 완료되어야 하며, RESIDE는 최소 임대료를 선지불해야 한다.

To withdraw an application, you will need to submit your intention to withdraw in writing to us at StayDongdaemun@dwellstudent.co.kr.

*Relevant supporting documents must be submitted. Other terms and conditions may apply. For more details, please refer to our FAQ.

Booking Cancellations

dwell reserves the right to recover reasonable costs (including but not limited to cleaning, advertising, administration costs and loss of rent) for agreement cancellation and early termination from the security deposit and monthly rental until a replacement tenant is found.

Website Information

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