Study Tips To Help You Through The Christmas Period

It’s hard at times to stay on top of your to do list. You’ve got exams in January and they’re slowly creeping up on you. But it’s Christmas! So to help you we’ve put a couple of handy tips together to help you do it all this winter!

Making A Bullet Journal

There is so much information on bullet journals out there in the world wide web, but it can be a bit confusing. Consider this your dummy’s guide to the bullet journal!

5 Easiest Jobs for Students

Receiving the text from Student Finance to say your money is arriving has got to be the best day of every student’s term. Sadly, though, the reality of rent prices soon hits and your bank balance slowly dwindles back to its original bleak figure. When you reach this point in the semester, it may be time to dust off your CV and find a part-time job.

Short-term Korean Language Programmes In Seoul 2019

Have you been in Korea for awhile and still facing communication problems? Are you frustrated watching Korean dramas with strange English dubs? Do you not know the difference between 안녕하세요and 안녕하십니까? Summer vacation is the perfect time to expand your Korea vocabulary!

How To Deal With Exam Stress

Whether that’s pulling all-nighters in the library, or not seeing the sun for three days whilst cramming that last bit of revision in, you may be feeling a little stressed. Here are our top tips to help you deal with exam stress.