Recipes from dwell Halloween Campaign 2019

What a spectacular Halloween! Thank you all who have participated in our dwell Halloween campaign 2019: What Is Your Potion!

Here’s an exclusive Halloween Spell Book featuring the creepiest and craziest recipes submitted by our imaginative residents.

A Guide to University Clearing

You’ve probably spent some serious time and effort working on your A-Levels, and come results day you’ll be hoping to reap the rewards. For some people it’s a simple process: they know what they want to study and they work towards achieving it. Other people don’t know what they want to study, pick a couple of different courses, and see where life takes them.

How To Choose The Right Uni Accommodation For You

Maybe you’re working towards finishing your A-Levels or SAT, or perhaps you’ve already got the marks you need and you’re now weighing up your options. Soon enough you’ll be making new friends and taking your studies to the next level. You’ve got a few things to think about first and the next big decision is fast-approaching – where to live while you study.

How To Save Money As A Student

We’re giving you a helping hand, to make sure you can go out on that Wednesday-night social and not feel bad if you really want to buy that new pair of jeans.

7 Useful dwell Check Out Tips

dwell makes things simple and easy, so we have created a quick guide on how to make your checking out process that little bit easier. Check out our staff top tips for more advice on moving out!

A Student Traveller’s Handbook

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can see the world on a budget. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure you know how to be a savvy traveller, and to help you get the most out of any trip.

6 Types Of Student Housing In Korea

There’s so much to look forward to in a new school semester! Time for you to look for a place to stay before you dive into a new adventure, especially if your home is far away from the university.