5 Steps To Choosing The Right University

Your choice of university will affect your life socially, academically, and professionally, so to say that it’s an important decision to make would be an understatement.

To add to the challenge, there’s an overwhelming choice of universities available – all offering different experiences, different subjects, and different courses. Picking between them is not easy. Luckily, you can make your life a lot easier by asking yourself the following questions:

Monthly Cost Of Living In South Korea As An International Student

Congratulations on getting accepted to a Korean university! Time to prepare your stay and budgeting. Do you know? According to the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey of 2019, Seoul is the 7th most expensive city to live in the world. Fret not, there are ways to manage your monthly expenses. Let us show you the estimated monthly cost of living in South Korea!

15 Quirky Valentine’s Ideas for The Big Day 2020

Stuck in the same routine of chocolates, cards and dinner every Valentine’s Day? Want 2020 to be the year where you really surprise your Valentine but stuck for ideas? Fear not, cause here’s 15 ideas to impress anyone instantly.

5 Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re buying on a budget whilst waiting for your next student loan to come in, or you just want a quick and easy solution, why not DIY some gifts? Not only are the below present options affordable to make, but they will also become one of your partner’s most cherished possessions!

Chinese New Year Traditions

There are many traditions associated with CNY, some centuries old, some new and then some perfectly mixing old with new to make the festival one of the most special around the world.

Staying Motivated After New Year

It’s now well into the New Year, and that means one thing: trying to get through the rest of January.

You’re suffering from the cold weather, having indulgence withdrawals after pigging out over the Christmas period, and you’re trying to get ready for your next assignments and exams.

So when taking all that into consideration, it’s no surprise if you’re feeling a little ‘meh’ after having the festive break away from university. To help keep you on track, check out our top tips for staying motivated.

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

From everyone here at dwell, Happy New Year! We hope you welcomed 2018 with open arms and have recovered from the celebrations. Now that the festivities have passed, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Check out the below suggestions…

De-Stress Over The Deadline Period

Now it can be quite a stressful time over the deadline period if they’re all in the same week, you have exams that you literally know nothing about and / or have a job, social life and work while trying to balance it all aiming for a first.

Here are five ways to de-stress over this chaotic, Christmas deadline period: