Tasty Microwave Recipes

Feeling peckish and need a quick snack? It’s always a good idea to bookmark a few easy-to-make recipes. Especially when living by yourself in college, it can be expensive and time-consuming to buy or cook your own food. So let’s get started with tasty snacks that you can make using microwave!

How To Choose The Right Uni Accommodation For You

Maybe you’re working towards finishing your A-Levels or SAT, or perhaps you’ve already got the marks you need and you’re now weighing up your options. Soon enough you’ll be making new friends and taking your studies to the next level. You’ve got a few things to think about first and the next big decision is fast-approaching – where to live while you study.

How To Stay In Shape On A Student Budget

The new semester is the time when everyone promises themselves that they will get in shape, eat healthier and lead a generally better life – new term, new me… right? This newfound level of motivation can be short-lived if you don’t act fast, so don’t waste any time getting yourself into that healthy-living routine while you’re focused and raring to go.

How To Save Money As A Student

We’re giving you a helping hand, to make sure you can go out on that Wednesday-night social and not feel bad if you really want to buy that new pair of jeans.

7 Useful dwell Check Out Tips

dwell makes things simple and easy, so we have created a quick guide on how to make your checking out process that little bit easier. Check out our staff top tips for more advice on moving out!

Time To Fruit Up!

Summer’s just around the corner and we got some compelling reasons why a smoothie should make it to your weekly or even daily routine.

A Student Traveller’s Handbook

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can see the world on a budget. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure you know how to be a savvy traveller, and to help you get the most out of any trip.

9 Easy Mocktail Recipes Perfect For Summer

Summer is here – beat the heat with some refreshing mocktails, especially if you are holding parties! We have picked the top classic mocktails as well as special mocktails made from popular ingredients in Korea!

Staying Fit For Summer

Around all the fun, the good weather is your best opportunity to get outside, but the time of year comes with it’s own little niggles and here we’ll try to help you stay clear of them.