Yoga Tips

Here are the 5 easy poses that you can start doing today, right from the comfort of your halls to feel fit, healthy and relaxed.

Fire Safety: Staying Safe in Your Student Accommodation

It’s understandable that you aren’t always focused on fire safety when you first move in to student accommodation. We understand you must have a lot of things happening, new surroundings, places to explore, assignments to prep for. So we’ve made an easy to follow blog on what you need to know about fire safety within your student home.

How To Stay In Shape On A Student Budget

The new semester is the time when everyone promises themselves that they will get in shape, eat healthier and lead a generally better life – new term, new me… right? This newfound level of motivation can be short-lived if you don’t act fast, so don’t waste any time getting yourself into that healthy-living routine while you’re focused and raring to go.

Time To Fruit Up!

Summer’s just around the corner and we got some compelling reasons why a smoothie should make it to your weekly or even daily routine.

Staying Fit For Summer

Around all the fun, the good weather is your best opportunity to get outside, but the time of year comes with it’s own little niggles and here we’ll try to help you stay clear of them.

5 Tips For A Better Sleep

Getting quality sleep is important. Here are some tips to help you with a better sleeping routine.

How To Combat Stress At University

When you head off to uni for the first time, you’ll expect it to be the best few years of your life. But between all the socialising and the exam prep, it has potential to become a little bit stressful.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

A few handy tips on how to be good neighbours when living in a student accommodation, which could help you make long-lasting friendships.