Recipes from dwell Halloween Campaign 2019

What a spectacular Halloween! Thank you all who have participated in our dwell Halloween campaign 2019: What Is Your Potion!

Here’s an exclusive Halloween Spell Book featuring the creepiest and craziest recipes submitted by our imaginative residents.

Making A Bullet Journal

There is so much information on bullet journals out there in the world wide web, but it can be a bit confusing. Consider this your dummy’s guide to the bullet journal!

Yoga Tips

Here are the 5 easy poses that you can start doing today, right from the comfort of your halls to feel fit, healthy and relaxed.

Halloween in Seoul, Korea

You might have spotted interesting items like pumpkin-shaped containers and skull masks appearing in many stores these days. If you’ve guessed it correctly, they are for Halloween, which falls on the 31st of October! While it’s not a Korean traditional festival or an official holiday, many people still look forward to this day for some fun and excitement.

Fire Safety: Staying Safe in Your Student Accommodation

It’s understandable that you aren’t always focused on fire safety when you first move in to student accommodation. We understand you must have a lot of things happening, new surroundings, places to explore, assignments to prep for. So we’ve made an easy to follow blog on what you need to know about fire safety within your student home.

5 Easiest Jobs for Students

Receiving the text from Student Finance to say your money is arriving has got to be the best day of every student’s term. Sadly, though, the reality of rent prices soon hits and your bank balance slowly dwindles back to its original bleak figure. When you reach this point in the semester, it may be time to dust off your CV and find a part-time job.

A Guide to University Clearing

You’ve probably spent some serious time and effort working on your A-Levels, and come results day you’ll be hoping to reap the rewards. For some people it’s a simple process: they know what they want to study and they work towards achieving it. Other people don’t know what they want to study, pick a couple of different courses, and see where life takes them.

Tasty Microwave Recipes

Feeling peckish and need a quick snack? It’s always a good idea to bookmark a few easy-to-make recipes. Especially when living by yourself in college, it can be expensive and time-consuming to buy or cook your own food. So let’s get started with tasty snacks that you can make using microwave!

How To Choose The Right Uni Accommodation For You

Maybe you’re working towards finishing your A-Levels or SAT, or perhaps you’ve already got the marks you need and you’re now weighing up your options. Soon enough you’ll be making new friends and taking your studies to the next level. You’ve got a few things to think about first and the next big decision is fast-approaching – where to live while you study.

How To Stay In Shape On A Student Budget

The new semester is the time when everyone promises themselves that they will get in shape, eat healthier and lead a generally better life – new term, new me… right? This newfound level of motivation can be short-lived if you don’t act fast, so don’t waste any time getting yourself into that healthy-living routine while you’re focused and raring to go.