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Maiden acquisition of RMIT Village (456 beds).


Acquisition of 4 UK properties in Manchester and Liverpool (1,901 beds).


Welcomed students to our first Singapore property (332 beds).


We acquired additional four UK properties located in Bristol, Manchester and Newcastle (519 beds), bringing our portofolio to 2,416 beds across 10 properties in three countries.


우리의 학생 전용 숙소 브랜드를 새롭게 바꾸고 dwell Student Living을 출시하였습니다.


애들레이드(Adelaide)의 한 부지를 인수하여 280개의 잠자리가 있는 dwell East-End 개발을 시작했습니다.


2018년 말까지 우리의 포트폴리오에 160개의 침대를 추가로 넣을 자산 증대 계획 또한 RMIT 빌리지에서 시작하였습니다.


우리가 설립한 개인 부동산 펀드를 통 5개 도시를 걸쳐 6개의 부동산을 취득하여 미국에 진출하였고, 12개 도시에 총 5,346개의 잠자리를 보유한 17개의 건물을 보유하게 되었습니다.


We launched our dwell Australia’s website, and started accepting bookings for our newly built dwell East End Adelaide which will be welcoming our first batch of residents in 2019.


We acquired Benikia Hotel in Dongdeamun to be renovated and opened in February 2019 as dwell Dongdaemun.

The dwell Difference

Live, Learn, Experience

We want to build a community that learns, cares and shares experiences. Designed with students’ needs in mind, we enhance their everyday lives by making student life simpler, straightforward and considerate.

Wellness Matters

We care for our residents’ wellbeing, and regularly conduct events and activities to promote an overall wellbeing. Be it meditation guide to combat stress, or game competitions, our Resi-Life programme promotes an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Safety, security and peace of mind is of our utmost priority. Our parent company is a dual-listed company in Singapore Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and we pride ourselves to have a strong, reliable and stable global management team that protects our interests. Our properties also place strong emphasis on ensuring the compounds are secured, so our residents can have a peace of mind during their stay with us.